We are a one-stop-shop for all your child’s educational needs.

Age Groups

Aspiring Minds provides for infant/primary aged children, generally in the 4 to 12 year age group.

Areas Taught

We teach all infant/primary subjects, specialising in all areas of literacy and numeracy. Our staff are all qualified and up-to-date with current curriculum requirements and technology.

Ability Levels

Each student is a unique individual, and each has a different level of ability. Aspiring Minds recognises this and caters for all levels of ability. We deliver differentiated wholistic programs taking each student’s social, emotional and intellectual level into account.

Educational Intervention

Many students have been assessed by one or more health care professionals as requiring specific intervention in the educational area because of a particular issue. We provide educational intervention when this is recommended by our health care professional collaborators.

Rich Assessment Tasks

These enable students to use and develop their imagination and communication skills.


Our programming is comprehensive and based on the NSW Curriculum (NESA) The range provided includes individual, group and holiday programs.