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Over 40 years of teaching experience, combined with a wholistic learning environment, enables students to improve their self-esteem and confidence with greatly improved results.

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Our Approach

Individual attention within an inclusive environment enables students to develop and maintain their self-esteem and move towards their individual capabilities.

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Individual or group programs, catering for all levels of ability, with comprehensive curriculum-based programming, specialising in all areas of literacy and numeracy.

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When I was in Year Four, school wasn't going as smoothly as it could have been. I was really struggling with my work and self-esteem. I didn't enjoy going to school at all. I was so happy to find out I had Mrs Ryals as my teacher in Year Five. She was new to the school and really took the time to get to know me and really understand me. She is very welcoming, warm and ready to help whenever needed. Very quickly I found my motivation improved, and so did my school work. Her classes were fun and challenging at times, and because of this, I began to enjoy school again. I thoroughly recommend Mrs Ryals to anyone who needs a little help regarding schooling, mood, self-esteem or motivation. I could not ask any more from Mrs Ryals.

Dexter — former student

I’m not sure how to thank you enough Meredith. My beautiful teenage daughter has been struggling in Maths for a while now. A few weeks with you and she is a different child. She has found her confidence and self-esteem again. She is less anxious about tests and is getting results she never thought were possible. Thank you, and I would love to recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor/mentor.

Gabrielle Baker — parent of current student

I went from getting 12/40 on a maths test to third in my class! Meredith has helped me to build confidence in my skills and taught me better, more understandable ways of doing things.

Annalise — current student

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