Our Approach

At Aspiring Minds we recognise that our students are individuals with differing needs and we tailor our approach accordingly.


We have established a positive deep-learning and inclusive environment in which students can develop into constructive and active individuals or group learners.

Individual attention

Whether in an individual or group environment, our programs provide an opportunity for students to develop and maintain self-esteem and a positive-growth mindset.

Ability recognition

Our programs cater for individual differences and inspire a realistic belief in students’ respective abilities.


We listen to and acknowledge the different roles played by students themselves, parents and other key stakeholders in seeking the best outcomes for each student.

Gender diversity

We recognise that gender is an issue within the sphere of learning and that this can require a differentiated approach for each student to achieve the best outcomes.

Tolerance and respect

We assist each student in developing as a responsible learner and showing tolerance to and respect for other students and themselves.